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Mrs Klein is a witty and intense play and a study on mother-daughter relationships, very well acted by the 3 leading actresses. Definitely worth seeing at Almeida Theatre, a small stage set in the heart of vibrant North London borough of Islington, until Dec 5th 2009.


Written on October 28th 2009

Today’s art column reviews Sophie Calle’s exhibition Talking to Strangers, Whitechapel

Gallery 77-82 Whitechapel High Street – London, 16 Oct 2009 – 3 Jan 2010, whose French version premièred at the Venice Biennale 2007.
This witty and inspiring exhibition showcases 107 women interpreting an email in which her partner …breaks up with her: 107 ways of reading, singing, commenting, highlighting grammar mistakes, reading through this man’s cowardliness, showing his flaws as a lover and his obvious manly way of blaming the breaking off on everyone else but on himself.
What a treat it would be if we all could do the same as Sophie Calle does and involve a couple of our best friends (world-famous actresses, opera singers, pop stars, ballet Etoile, criminal psychoanalysts, lawyers….) and let them disgrace our ex-boyfriends’ name through their professional skills!
What a subtle way of spreading the news that the man who just dumped you by email after all is a jerk!


Written on October 30th 2009