Garden Marathon@Serpentine Gallery – London 15-16 October 2011

This weekend, Saturday 15 12noon – 10pm and Sunday 16 11am – 9pm, the Serpentine Gallery will host the Garden Marathon, which is the 6th in the series of the gallery’s renowned marathons. The programme includes the participation of architects, urban and garden designers, artists, journalists who will animate a two-day exploration on the concept of garden.

The event is inspired by The hortus conclusus, the sophisticated and intimate space created for the Serpentine Gallery Pavillion by architect Peter Zumthor and garden designer Piet Oudolf: two simple walls reproduce the modern version of the Roman Peristylium, the colonnade surrounding the heart and the most sumptuous part of the Domus, the Hortus.

Domus Romana

Hortus Conclusus is a garden within a garden, a sheltered and contemplative space where the visitor would be overwhelmed by the peace and harmony created by the grasses, flowers and shrubs and feel wrapped by the intimacy of the place.

Serpentine Pavillion

Hortus Conclusus


Serpentine Gallery
Kensington Gardens
London W2 3XA

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