Oxford Historical Dance Society presents: Dances from the 16th century Italian Renaissance

Piazza della Signoria_Florence

If you want to experience historical dance, costumed performances and unusual and yet philological entertainment in historical settings, join special events and celebrations or simply learn more about Italian Renaissance historical context, then come and join this workshop at the Oxford Historical Dance Society.

STEP BACK IN TIME TO THE COURT OF THE MEDICI FAMILY IN FLORENCE: Simona Cavaliere will teach the CANARIO AND ITS VARIATIONS, a popular dance from the 1500’s.

SATURDAY 28th April 2012 10.30am – 4.00pm

St John’s Church Hall Kidlington Oxford OX5 1EF

For further information please check out www.ohds.org.uk

The class will offer you the opportunity to explore period dance through the study of the sumptuous 16th century Canario and its variations, from the treatises of the dance masters. The structured class will provide the foundation of skills, steps and style according to the dance notation from the Italian sources of the time.