Last chance to see in London : RESISTANCE Subverting the camera

RESISTANCE Subverting the camera opend in London on 18th April at The Fine Art Society Contemporary, 148 New Bond St.

RESISTANCE Subverting the camera – The Opening

This group exhibition features a number of international artists exploring the photographic techniques through the rejection of the traditional photographic parameters, either manipulating the camera, creating their unique camera-less photographs or even destroying it.

We live in an era where photographic technology has become available to bilions of people, who hysterically exchange their private images on the web, as if the simple production of evidence of our latest exotic holiday could permeate the substance of our existance. Moreover the quality of the images has been declining towards a snap-and-post sediment-like sort of pictures, populating our second lives daily.

The most remarkable artist in the group, 1999 Turner prize short-listed artist Steven Pippin, intervenes massively on the camera by phisically destoying it: his impressive body of work comprises dramatic auto-portaits of the camera being shot by a hand gun at exactly the instant that implicates its collapse.

In his analysis he questions how long it will take before the sheer amount of images actually outweighs the real object itself: while photography begins to run out of new and interesting subject matter, he inverts the camera and redirects the focus into its own mechanism, so that the camera would reveal something about its own situation that may not obviously be apparent to the viewer.

Mr Pippin_Mamiya 330 shot in the back

Idris Khan_St Paul’s cathedral

Rob&Nick Carter_North Star

RESISTANCE Subverting the camera

The Fine Art Society Contemporary, 148 New Bond St London. 

Idris Khan, Steven Pippin, Adam Fuss, Stephen Ssck, Rob and Nick Carter, Janet Laurence, Christopher Bucklow and Edgar Lissel

18th April – 5th May 2012