Baroque suspensions under the Tuscan sky: Transe Express at Visionaria – Prato

Transe Express – Lacher de Violons

Last night the Tuscan late summer season was mesmerised by the baroque-ish Calder-like acrobatics of the French pioneers of street-art Transe Express Company.

Last night’s creation featured 6 artists – a singer, a trapeze artist and 4 violinists – hanging from an oversized pendulum, activated by a crane, and fluctuating over our heads, well above the roofs of the neighbouring buildings; down among the crowd at ground level a band of drummers played in a vertigo of percussions and violin rain…..acrobats, musicians, vertical dancers, actors were all involved in a dream-like sarabande of violin music, drums rhythm and enchanted projections of shadows against the surrounding buildings.

Lacher de violons-drummers

Creators of magical aerial and suspended shows, Transe Express have performed all over the world, including in 2000 at the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris marking the beginning of the new millennium, in 2004 at the Athens Olympics opening ceremony  as well as in London at the Croydon Summer Festival and in 2007 at the Rome’s White Night.

Lacher de Violons

The performance, Lâcher de Violons,  was held in Prato on the 13th Century Cathedral Square, dominated by the Romanesque Duomo di Santo Stefano; the show marked the opening night of the Settembre Pratese, the late summer festival celebrating arts and tradition in the main town of the Tuscan textile district.

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