A NON-Review of a NON-Attended Exhibition in London: Anthony Lister for The Outsiders

Antony Lister @The Outsiders – courtesy of The Outsiders

The other day something rather unusual happened to me: as I presented myself to the front door of The Outsiders Gallery in Soho I was not admitted to the venue, despite the fact that I had received their invitation to that evening’s preview.

According to their zealous and frankly not too welcoming PR, I was culpable of not having complied with the required procedures: I had failed to reply to their invitation to confirm mine and my guest’s presence at the show. In fact she was right, I plead guilty! I had read their email in such a hurry, that I never got to the end of the message, where they gave all the relevant details of the two simultaneous previews, one in London and the other in new Castle, asking for special formalities about the London’s one!

Alas, if I had ever reached the end of that email, I would have found myself admitted to their Super Guest List, instead of reviewing a NON-seen exhibition hosted in a NON-stepped inside venue…..

I learned my lesson: I’ll never overlook the last bit of any email again!

One question is just popping into my mind though: how did they know exactly who I was? As I asked to talk to their manager,  an unfriendly lady came out to meet me on the door, then, after a brief and silly exchange of nonsense, I handed my business card to her, asking the rather cold lady to double-check my name on their guest list at her convenience….how did she know without the shadow of a doubt that I was neither representing a rich collector from Italy nor a Florentine gallerist in search of emerging talents? I’m all for fair rules, however  shouldn’t PR people be a bit more flexible – read: professional?

If you have time and more patience than I had, here are the details:

Anthony Lister – ‘Unslung Heroes’

November 16th– December 29th 2012 (Private View Thursday 15th November)

An exhibition held simultaneously at:

The Outsiders London

| 8 Greek Street | Soho | London | W1D 4DG | Tel +44 (0)203 214 0055 / 66

The Outsiders Newcastle

The Outsiders Newcastle | 77 Quayside | Newcastle-Upon-Tyne | NE1 3DE | Tel +44 (0)191 221 2560