Trame di Poesia for Chelsea Fringe Festival Firenze – Friday 27 May 2016

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Trame di Poesia – Threads of Poetry

Reclaiming an urban island of art and greenery in the heart of Florence

Trame di Poesia – Threads of Poetry, launching tonight in Florence,  brings together site-specific artworks and poetry responding to the nature of the host environment, Porta A Pinti Protestant Cemetery aka “English Cemetery”. The art event for the Chelsea Fringe Festival provides an usual opportunity to rediscover a long overlooked historical, artistic and landscaped jewel in the heart of Florence.

An urban island in the middle of a traffic roundabout, the English Cemetery is a mesmerizing garden and architectural site where history meets present day, retracing the lives of the illustrious members of the Victorian Anglo-Florentine community who are buried among its blooming irises.

Fibre installation_by Gloria Campriani

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the celebrated English poetess is the most inspiring artist among them, the author of passionate and revolutionary verses about rights for women and children, social issues and love.

Threads of Poetry showcases the Fibre-art creations of the eclectic artist Gloria Campriani, stimulating the visitor to reflect on fundamental issues such as the woman’s role in art and society, independent thought and self-determination as the basis for love relationships and gender equality. The fibres of her artworks intertwine with the greenery, the marble statues and the paths in the cemetery, engaging with the space and resonating with the silent sculptures surrounded by the seemingly casual landscape.

A poetry reading of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s verses by actor and director Adriano Miliani (Jack and Joe Theatre) will interlace with the art creations, building a participatory and sharing experience.

Threads of Poetry
Cimitero di Porta a Pinti aka Cimitero degli Inglesi
Piazzale Donatello 38
Friday 27 May 2016
6 pm

A project by Simona Cavaliere – Future for the Arts

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