Marina Abramovic. The Cleaner. @Palazzo Strozzi – Florence opening Friday 21 September 2018


Marina Abramovic. The Cleaner is the first Italian retrospective of the Serbian born performer artist, whose 50-year spanning works will be on show at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence between 21 September 2018 and 20 January 2019.

The solo show presents more than 100 works, exploring Abramovic’s most celebrated creations of her long career, from her early approach to painting in the ’60s to the latest performances in the 2010s. Videos, photographs, paintings, objects and installations will be enriched by a daily programme of re-performances executed by a group of international artists who flocked to Florence from all over the world to take part in the 3-month long project. Imponerabilia, Cleaning the Mirror, Luminosity, The House with the Ocean View are some of the poignant performances that specially selected and trained artists will present during the show, exposing their often naked bodies to the reactions of the museum visitors.

The press launch earlier on Wednesday morning revealed the content of the exhibition as well as it offered a revealing sneak-peek of the artist’s personality. Her aura – as Chairman of the Steering Committee Cristina Acidini defined her charisma – permeated the theater of the Odeon Cinema as soon as the Q&A started.

She answered questions on the changing role of the performer artist since the beginning of her career 50 years ago, on the challenge of breaking the glass ceiling in a male-dominated environment – “I don’t see any particular challenge here as I believe that one should not fear anybody nor anything”, on the relevance and value of time in the performance art. “Life is fast, whereas art is slow”, Marina argued when asked about the relation between art and the current times, when images and videos are shared, consumed and disposed of at the pace of an upload on Instagram.


Since 2015 Marina Abramovic has created her own infrastructure enabling the performance artist to  protect their creations, managing and releasing the reproduction rights and permitting the use of the artistic creations only to trained performers who are willing to research the background and respect the creator’s terms.

Marina Abramovic. The Cleaner

Palazzo Strozzi. Firenze

September 21 2018 – January 20 2019

Palazzo Strozzi