Arte Fiera Bologna 24 – 26 January 2020: new trends for contemporary and modern art

img-20170129-wa0042The 44th edition of ArteFiera, Bologna’s Contemporary and Modern Art Fair, will open next week from 24 – 26 January 2020. For the 2020 edition Simone Menegoi, the Artistic Director of the fair for the second year in a row, reinforces his approach towards innovation in exhibition design and quality of the overall proposal, bringing 155 Italian and foreign galleries and 345 artists to Bologna.

The Fair concept presents one Main Section together with 3 invitation only curated sections: Pittura XXI, Focus and Photography and Moving Images. The selected galleries in the Main Section will showcase up to a maximum of three artists for the medium-sized stands, and up to six artists for the larger ones. Exceptions to the rule – a new feature for the 2020 edition – are allowed only in case of the curatorial projects that present a group, a movement or an artistic current, in accordance with the renovated formula introduced last year by the new director.

Pittura XXI, curated by the independent art critic and curator Davide Ferri, will bring in new perspective on the paintings by both emerging talents and mid-career artists through the curatorial discourse. The exhibitors of this section include foreign galleries such as Bernhard Knaus, Frankfurt, and Arcade, London.


Focus will investigate the art production and movements from the first half of the 20th century and the Post-War Masters. This new section is curated by Laura Cherubini, the first appointed curator for this new feature of ArteFiera 2020, which will be directed by a different curator each year. This year’s focus is on the practice and artistic language innovations introduced by Italian painting movements between the end of the 50’s and the 70’s. As Ms Cherubini affirms “Painting is by all means the artistic language defining Italian art, therefore  building the identity of Italian art.” Invited  galleries: A arte Invernizzi (artist: Mario Nigro), Cortesi Gallery (Giuseppe Santomaso), Galleria dello Scudo (Gastone Novelli), Michela Rizzo (Fabio Mauri, Saverio Rampin), Mazzoleni (Lucio Fontana, Gianfranco Zappettini), Richard Saltoun (Bice Lazzari), Ronchini (Franco Angeli), Tornabuoni Arte (Piero Dorazio).


Photography and Moving Images is directed by the curatorial platform Fantom for the second year in a row. The section showcases photography and video, both as independent media and in dialogue with other contemporary art languages. Participating galleries: aA29 Project Room (artists: Kyle Thompson, Tiziana Pers), Dep Art Gallery (Tony Oursler), Galleria Marcolini (Aneta Bartos, Christian Thompson), Michela Rizzo (Antoni Muntadas, Katerina Šedá, Francesco Jodice), Galleria Poggiali (Goldschmied & Chiari), Gallleriapiù (Matteo Cremonesi), Marcorossi (Rune Guneriussen), Martini & Ronchetti (Lisetta Carmi), MC2 Gallery (Lamberto Teotino, Justine Tjallinks, Paolo Ciregia), Metronom (Christto & Andrew), MLZ Art Dep (The Cool Couple, Discipula, Källstrӧm+Fäldt), Otto Zoo (Paul Kooiker), Pinksummer (Luca Trevisani), Podbielski Contemporary (Giulio Di Sturco, Massimiliano Gatti, Yuval Yairi), Shazar (Giacomo Montanaro), Spazio Nuovo (Marco Maria Zanin, Edouard Taufenbach), Traffic Gallery (Mattia Zoppellaro), Umberto Di Marino (Francesco Jodice, Pedro Neves Marques, Sergio Vega), Viasaterna (Alessandro Calabrese), z2o
Sara Zanin (Mariella Bettineschi, Silvia Camporesi, Ekaterina Panikanova).

Arte Fiera
24/26 January 2020
Pavilion 18 and 15 – North Entrance
Friday to Sunday 11 – 19
Press preview: Thursday 23 January 11 – 12
Invite Preview: Thursday 23 January 12 – 17
Vernissage: Thursday 23 January 17 – 21
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Instagram @artefiera_bologna
Hashtag #artefiera2020