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io biennale resizedSimona Cavaliere, the author of this blog, works as events organizer, curator and author across the public, private and not for profit sectors.
Born and brought up in Tuscany, in 2002 Simona started her career in Arts Management in Florence, then in 2007 she relocated to London, where she developed skills and critical understanding of cultural policies and planning in the UK, as well as built connections with those operating in the field of museums and galleries.

Simona started the blog “Future for the Arts” with the aim at building an ideal creative bridge between London, her adopted town, and Florence. Her focus as blogger is on the role of critical inquiry that arts, fashion and the creative industries bear to everyday life; Simona is also keen on investigating the economic potential of the creative sector, cultural production and heritage as impulse to the creation of long-term benefits and prosperity.

The blog is about cultural trends and developments happening in both cities, addressing all those creative and curious people who are keen to discover hidden and alternative spots, cutting-edge events and venues, as well as intriguing tales of artistic life.

One of her recent challenges has been her role as lecturer and curator in the learning project of Art Events Management, in partnership with Galleria Tornabuoni, Florence. Simona delivered the taught modules of Contemporary Art Events Development and interpretation and Arts Management in the UK, she curated and supervised the successful end-of-study exhibition Recycled Reused Reborn, displaying the massive works of the Florentine sculptor Gian Marco Lamuraglia in a disused machine shop, now home to vibrant contemporary art exhibits. 

She has organized and curated the photographic solo show “A Sea of Awareness” showcasing the works of the Scottish photographer and sculptress Linda Lieberman at the Galleria La Corte Arte Contemporanea in Florence. One of the photos selected for the exhibition has been chosen as official image of the 2013 Hong King Contemporary Art Fair. A touch of the Florence vibe on show at the thriving Hong Kong Contemporary 2013

She’s currently working to an exciting new curatorial project in London as well as to more upcoming shows, involving London-based emerging artists and to be held in a secret venue in Florence.

Simona’s personality according to the test taken @London Design Week

Recycled Reused Reborn – The opening

Myself and artist Linda Lieberman @galleria La Corte –  Arte Contemporanea Florence


A Sea of Awareness_Galleria La Corte Arte Contemporanea


Washing Line 03 Photo courtesy of Linda Lieberman