London Style

As promised from the outset, here you have THE OFFICIAL FUTURE FOR THE ARTS’ PAGE  about London and its cultural trends and developments: it’s addressed to visitors and foreigners who are keen to discover hidden secrets and alternative spots, cutting-edge events and venues, intriguing tales of London life.

Obviously this page is just a taster, as the blog is automatically fed only through the new posts on the main page, so that’s where you can actually check out all the updated content;  however I was keen on the idea of showing a specific page on London, to highlight what this blog is mainly about.

My first suggestion for arts’ lovers and alike is the Hive Project – T1+2 Gallery whose “ethos as an independent artist collective is to provide an open platform to envisage and build artistic communities”.



Idle Women – an exhibition showcasing a group of London’s emerging female artists, among whom the gastronomic artist Antonia Clare Grant presented her culinary performance.

Andrew Ranville – Roots Radical

Solo Show curated by Nadim Samman 20 March – 22 April 2010 HIVE  PROJECT | T1+2 GALLERY LONDON